Granite Floor Tile Is Colourful and Flexible For Kitchens!

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When It Comes To Granite Floor Tile – You Have Options!

Natural stone such as marble, granite and limestone is beautiful, practical and conveys prestige. Natural stone is generally more expensive than other types of flooring and, because it's quarried, each piece is unique. You can achieve some uniformity if you go the route of tiles manufactured from natural stone, but even with stone tiles there can be variations in appearance.
When it comes to flooring, there are three basic options: limestone, granite and marble. All three have their merits and have areas of the home for which they are better suited. For example, granite is ideal in the kitchen. It has the durability to sustain all the high traffic that happens in a kitchen, along with the culinary and dining accidents – utensils falling on the floor, and spills.

Granite's Variety: Colour, Slabs and Tiles

Granite has a huge appeal not only for kitchen flooring but also bathroom vanities, countertops, backsplashes and hearths. This is greatly due to its range of colours. Even within a piece of granite there are a variety of sub-colours and threads that will be picked up in lighting, adding excitement and depth to the decor.
Granite floor tiles have become very popular in kitchens. They are very flexible as to how they can work around your kitchen island or appliances, and can easily be reconfigured if you change your kitchen. A blend of materials, granite tiles are actually quite difficult to tell from solid granite slabs, and are available in a range of colours, patterns and styles. Less costly to buy and install than solid granite, they still retain the stones high quality, durability and low maintenance. Granite is bacteria resistant – a handy quality where there is food preparation going on. And tiles are easily replaced.

The Price of Natural Stone

The price point of granite is something you must consider and, when you are budgeting, you also need to factor in the installation. It's not a job for the Saturday-afternoon handyman. You need professionals, and there may be extra costs above their salary and the stone itself. Existing furniture will have to be removed. The old floor covering will have to be demolished, removed and disposed of, and the preparation of a sub-floor may be necessary. Product delivery may not be included in the original list price.

Who to Call

It's a lot to consider. On one hand there are all the advantages of natural stone, from durability to enhancing the beauty and value of your home. But weighed against that is the cost and the need for professional installation.
What is very clear is that you need to go to a natural stone dealer, importer or distributor who specializes in granite. Find a supplier who has a good range of granite floor tile on hand, so you can see your options (and there are many). There are dealers who are sellers – and then there are dealers for whom natural stone is a vocation. Find the latter. They will spend the extra time necessary to ensure that you get the product that works perfectly with your home. Granite tiles and flooring is a lifetime investment. Get the best help possible!